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“When I looked at some of his paintings, it seemed to me that something is missing. I wanted them to move “- so began his career in cinema, David Lynch.

In 1966, Lynch’s paintings ” began to move !” ” Pushes ” a very remarkable, even defiant. The name speaks for itself ” Six puke six times.” Say anything intelligible to the first job Lynch difficult because in the film, as if to speak intelligent, six puke it six times. Neither cause nor effect – only a couple of minutes under copyright rush consciousness loud label ” trash.”

Despite all the ” unacceptability ” approach Lynch movie, his very first work aroused interest not only among fans look at the differences between ” the face and reverse side ” (and, by the way, to make sure their inseparability ), but also those who are able to finance such creativity. H. Barton Wasserman, forgetting their roots, still pays Lynch for his second short ” Alphabet “.

Movie turned out no less disturbing than the first job. However, there is already what to say constructive. First, with this work begins strong and sincere friendship with Lynch world of dreams, illusions and hoaxes ; craving for their nightmarish manifestation that is called “reality.” Secondly, Lynch reveals their own fears of organization, because the alphabet, in fact, the established order of the letters – the foundations of human expression. The order ‘s frightening. Continue reading

Listening to the song WIND : AUDIO POETRY

Some poets say that poetry can not be read aloud, that the discussion can only be himself, his inner voice. This is a very sensible idea, but… for me personally acquainted with many of the poems started with voice and intonation of a stranger. Of course, most of the audio poetry was derived of the songs as well-known songs and compositions not much familiar to the general public. But I’ll write songs about some other time. Today we will speak about the art of reading.
To my deep regret, modern radio, cinema and television is not very favored poetry. This 60th Hutsiev shot ” Outpost Ilyich”, where about half an hour in the frame sounded poems and what not anyhow, but the best poets of the country is in their own performance. Now this dream about something stupid… Poetry has long been on the rise, and it may seem that now superseded by other verses, more mainstream hobbies. Yes, but it does not mean that there is no poetry at all. Declamation alive, but thrives mainly on the Internet on personal pages, only occasionally slipping into more familiar to us on track.
Attention! The following selection will not pretend to be a comprehensive overview of audio poetry, but rather a few suggestions on how to get acquainted with new names for themselves. Continue reading


During training at the Faculty of Philology often heard two questions: Why study literature? And why do we read books ?

The first question I myself doubt : should or should not. Because learning from Philology, we not only worked with artistic works : sometimes analysis was competent, but often we were forced to seek out non-existent meanings and give them global significance. But on this question later.

The question ” Why read books” first introduced me to a screeching halt. Sometimes replied : ” For the general development.” In fact, all over, much harder. In fiction, collected all the experience gained from the humanity of certain situations. In fact, reading books, a person learns to live.
But what about modern literature, which is currently causing a lot of controversy ? Let’s try to analyze on the shelves.

Usefulness. Considered useful book “How to learn to cook,” ” How to make a hairstyle for dogs ” and so on. No doubt, these books are often well-written, but are useful only for a certain small audience. Continue reading

The first movie Haruki Murakami : ” Hear the Wind Sing “

” Hear the Wind Sing “ – the novel is rather full , bright , friendly and easy – the same ease that allows yellowing in autumn leaflets long leisurely spin and fall down on the bench Sunday Park. Murakami’s first novel – is concurrently also the first part of the ” Trilogy of the Rat ,” continued the book ” Dance , Dance , Dance” , for sure, you’ve already read it. It is curious that although the trilogy devoted to the Rat , he’s not playing in her starring role. In ” The Hunt for the sheep ” this character almost does not appear , and ” Dance , Dance , Dance ” Rats do not, only a few fleeting references. Why talk about the Rat ? Besides that I personally always wanted to see in a movie on him and not on the protagonist ‘s website , which more reliably a reader to easily detect in a simple mirror image. But Rat – is quite another matter. Fortunately , the film is very close to the original, following him almost verbatim. Here there is a rat , and a girl with four fingers on his left hand , and a jazz bar and the bartender Jay, and, most importantly , the very light atmosphere of melancholy, sadness , loneliness, leaving youth. There is, perhaps , only Derek Heartfield. This German science fiction writer coined Murakami and indirectly gave the book its name , is mentioned only in the epigraph. Continue reading

Gerard Depardieu : ” Rasputin SITS inside me ! “

Gerard Depardieu has long fascinated Russian literature and Russian at all. Performing the role of the famous French – Balzac, Dumas, Danton – he began to think about the heroes of Russian History and Literature : The Brothers Karamazov, Porfiry Petrovich of ” Crime and Punishment “, Emelyanov Pugachev and Grigory Rasputin. Depardieu to play Rasputin dreamed last fifteen years.

He literally raved that character and not just discussed it with his friend, the famous French specialist in Russian history writer Henri Troyat. In the end, Depardieu has formed its own view on the identity of this, perhaps the most mysterious character of the Russian history of the twentieth century.

Gerard Depardieu : ” So, like Rasputin, believe ! I know what I’m saying, because I grew up next to a man – my grandmother was a healer. When you cease to rely on doctors, and even prayers do not help, we go to the one who can save us. To such as Rasputin. Continue reading


Russian contemporary literature : books that are worth reading
Worth reading of modern Russian literature? Ask a question in one of the book chain stores, and at best you’ll hear in response to a couple of names of authors who do not have anything to do with a decent intellectual literature. What are these authors ? Come on, these authors know even children, these authors devote enormous billboards and entire wardrobes in stores. Previously such literature contemptuously but fairly called consumer goods. In the past, worthy books that are worth reading, went from hand to hand with the wind speed or even illegally reprinted night or two. Now it is not. Little or no. With the advent of book readers was an order of magnitude easier to find interesting book, download it easy to read, but it… How to choose? Who will tell you what kind of book is worth reading ? Internet as always in a hurry to help, but does not help much. Global Web highlights the role exactly the same position as the bookstores. Quality does not matter. Search Engines unfortunately not learned to provide high-quality filters for the selection results. Therefore again we encounter the same painfully familiar and the teeth on edge consumer goods. Continue reading

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History Taranski director Victor (played by Al Pacino) and his virtual "child", the singer Simone - an allusion to the modern myth of Pygmalion. Eccentric actress Nicola (Winona Ryder) refuses to finish the game role in the new film director, for which he laid all his possessions.
This is a typical contemporary Indian cinema. It is crazy, it is incredible, it is funny. After viewing your mood will improve so much that you'll be on the attack roll on the floor laughing and screaming.
In the yard 21, and the theme of eternal life remains one of the most sought after in the wide community, and thus in contemporary art. Disassemble offer the brightest movie premieres in recent years, affecting theme of eternal youth and people's fear of physical and mental wilt.
On the other hand, the movie – not quite business as usual, because the basic law of trade ” demand creates supply ” about the film industry is not quite appropriate, even so : it is not appropriate. In fact – it is a monopoly, and about any freedom of choice we can not go.
Beginning of the XXI century has generated a lot of talk about the imminent end of the world. This topic has not bypassed one - analysts serious media, tabloids, writers and contemporary cinema released numerous works by offering their own version of the apocalypse and its interpretation.
Hutsiev shot ” Outpost Ilyich”, where about half an hour in the frame sounded poems and what not anyhow, but the best poets of the country is in their own performance. Now this dream about something stupid…